Elevate guest experience - with AI

Maximizing growth & guest connections with the power of AI for your Hotel, AirBnb, restaurant, or Glamping experience.


No Code AI Creation

Easily Construct AI Solutions for Internal and External Business Chats.

Promote your AI through custom URL or with an iframe on your company site.

AI Chat Interface

Collect data and drive value metrics from chat interactions with your guests on your website, app, or in guest rooms.

AI Analytics

Summarize chats, identify negative interactions, and gain insights into your guests.

Build meaningful experiences in three easy steps.

Building a strong guest service & support system and providing value to your guests in a short period of time can be challenging, but we make it easy.

Start building

With Chainfuse, you can build you AI without any coding – we'll take care of the hard work for you

Go live

Publish it live on the your website, in app, or a custom website to engage your audience, gain insights, and foster community

Engage your customers

Engage with your customers using an AI-powered chat that delivers content, answers questions, and provides insights into your users – all in real-time.

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The future is built with AI

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