Structure customer feedback data, drive ROI.

We simplify the collection of unstructured user feedback for product and success teams, utilizing AI to efficiently handle large volumes of data.

Automate data collection.

Structure the chaos.

User feedback can be a headache. The task of organizing all the webinar, form submissions, and off the cuff feature requests takes time.

With ChainFuse, you:
1. Connect your communication sources
2. Watch the AI automation magic happen 😎

Prioritize and summarize.

Easily summarize feedback for product teams.

Create a summary from the data you collect, making it easier for your team to collaborate and prioritize what comes next.

Keep your customers in the loop.

Plus follow your existing team processes.

Keep your feedback in one place with ChainFuse, or export your data to Jira and Salesforce to maintain your existing processes. We'll ensure that your customers stay informed about the progress of their requests, keeping them in the loop.

Connect your top of the funnel.

Never miss an opportunity.

Create multiple listener connections from Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, Discourse and more. Reduce what fog of what you don't know by 80%.

Your journey to data growth begins here

When you schedule a demo, we won't simply provide another product tour. Instead, we'll allocate half of the time to understanding your data collection strategy, and the other half to brainstorming how ChainFuse AI can significantly enhance it.

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