Limitless Events for the Web3 & AI era

Host hybrid events. Analyze and Engage your audience with the power of Artificial intelligence, Chat, and Blockchain.

Live stream events from anywhere.

Quickly set up online events with ease. Cost-effective and budget-friendly, online events allow you to build & grow lasting communities

Stream webinars, internal, and external events with ease.

Promote streams through team profiles or with an iframe on your company site.

Allow attendees to connect with each other and follow their favorite speakers with ChainFuse Vision.

Create Proof of attendance NFTs

Proof of Attendance NFTs utilize blockchain technology to provide attendees with exclusive badges while gaining valuable attendance and user behavior insights.

Offer NFTs for sale or as giveaways directly on your event page.

Easily generate NFTs on the Avalanche, Polygon, or Ethereum blockchains.

Gain valuable insights into your event attendance and user behavior with trackable NFT drops for both current and past attendees.

Put the power of AI at your fingertips

Use AI to reach attendees before, during, and after the event to gather feedback and learn about their experience. During the event, utilize AI to answer questions and facilitate inquiries.

Profiles that matter

Profiles allow attendees to follow your team and company, strengthening your relationship and keeping them informed about upcoming events.

Build meaningful connections in three easy steps.

Building a strong community and providing value for attendees in a short period of time can be challenging, but we make it easy.

Setup your online event

With Chainfuse, you can set up in-person or online events without any web3 coding – we'll take care of the hard work for you

Go live

Stream live on the blockchain to engage your audience, gain insights, and foster community

Engage your Attendees

Engage with your event attendees using an AI-powered in-event chat that delivers content, answers questions, and provides insights into your users – all in real-time.

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