Customer Analytics for Support Focused Teams

ChainFuse is the easiest way to visualize the voice of your customer. Using AI to view trends, retention, weekly reports and reduce churn.
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Let's be honest, feedback data always slips through the cracks, It’s not your fault.

90% of your data is unstructured and locked in formats like Docs, CSV, Community, and Social. This is time-consuming to manage, and by 2025, 175 billion terabytes of unstructured data will exist for your UX teams to handle.

Don't make decisions based on a gut feeling

Collect the data that matters to you in minutes.
Tell a story with AI across data-focused teams.

Collect data from where it matters

Extract information and signals from unstructured channels, such as Discord, Discourse, Slack, and more.

Tag and Track

Create categories to identify and group issues and sentiment, while tracking trends to report to your team.

Visualize + Analyze

Analyze duplicated issues and topics, and visually compare the trends that you discover.

The Ultimate Data Lake Pipeline

Together, we build the ultimate data lake for your UX and Product teams.

Seamless Integration with Your Tech Ecosystem

With ChainFuse source connections, teams effortlessly tap into user feedback data.

Uncovering user sentiments, pain points, and feature aspirations, enabling them to prioritize actions aligned with their users' needs

Make decisions with Data

When you schedule a demo, we'll spend half the time understanding your data collection strategy and the other half brainstorming how ChainFuse AI can enhance it